Attendance And Payroll System

Attendance management which improves productivity

Attendance And Payroll System enables businesses to keep track of the remote and on-premise employees, their attendances while generating detailed reports. The enhanced efficiency of the employee attendance system leads to the elimination of humane errors and saves time from completing tiresome excel sheets.

Piconet Hitech Solutions offers the best integrated attendance system, providing excellent customization options. Business organizations can fine-tune the web based attendance monitoring system to meet their business needs with ease. The hr attendance system is highly flexible and allows you to accommodate different attendance specifications without much hassle.

The best employee attendance and leave management system enables you to set up working hours, track employee attendance, manage remote teams and create a holiday calendar. Setting up different working hours for different employees is easy and hassle-free.

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Best HR Attendance Management Software - Features Easy and flexible management of time, attendance, time-offs and holidays

Touchless Employee attendance tracking
Holiday calendar
One-click requests and approvals
Employee Shift Calendar
Synced with payroll
Smart dashboard
Powerful analytics and reports
No privacy issues